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Wedding Shop for Secret Sales

Campaign Visual Identity, Photography Art Direction & Web Design

In preparation for the wedding season in the UK, flash sales website Secret Sales wanted to showcase the large array of product available. Assisting the betrothed with anything  from wedding attire, accessories and homewares, everything was covered.

The brief was to create bespoke "wedding shop" mini-website, identity for how that vision would translate across all facets of the shopper categories well as EDMs.

I wanted to inspire a sense of romance and whimsy without being too over powering as everyone has their own dream wedding. Secret Sales simply the start of the puzzle for the customer to piece together.

Soft colours with weathered textures complimented the dreamy dresses and sharp suits, with full scale colourama backgrounds, I wanted the photography to remain simple and elegant.


Inspiring typography was used throughout with beautiful whimsical flourishes that seem to grow through the artwork. I wanted to avoid anything overtly traditional, and instil sense of sophistication and purpose, and felt that this serif with a twist is the perfect settling ground.

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