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For The Very First Time | Merivale | Summer 21-22

Brand Identity & Web Design

Merivale ready to bounce back after long lock downs and needed a new campaign to charge forward and welcome Sydney back into their bars and restaurants for a new summer season.


It’s time to celebrate all the moments you’ve missed most. From hugging your loved ones so tight it hurts, to sharing meals and swapping stories, to staying for just one more drink…it’s time to experience everything again for what feels like the very first time.


From concept to completion, I developed, created and art directed the campaign look and feel. I brought the campaign to life using hand drawn doodles over black and white imagery evoking a feeling of ownership from the viewer, as if a love letter to a beautiful memory was being etched in front of them.

Along with art directing the campaign look and feel I worked closely with the Creative Director and created all the assets. Creating and animating video, banners and weekly edms to posters and other printed collateral as well as updating the website to reflect the campaign.

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