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Pop Roller Gear

Photography Art Direction & Catalogue Design

Pop Rollergear approached me create a catalogue to promote their latest line of colourful roller skating gear. 

Speaking with the owner, she wanted to come at rollerskating from a different angle rather than the over used rolly-derby or 60s beach side route that her competitors generally tend to file down.


Knowing what to avoid, I took rollerskating off the rink and the roller-derby track and put it in the park, among nature. Creating a theme around "Summer Dreams", I used a bear mask to create a whimsical fairy-tale atmosphere and create something beautiful and unique to her market.


The shoot shows that rollerskating is dreamy, pretty and magical, with shots in trees and on the grass, where you wouldn't typically find the modern roller-skater, and enticing the customer to delve deeper and dream along with us.

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