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Pawsitive Training Solutions

Brand Identity & Web Design

Sam wanted to expand her small business and approached me to work on Pawsitive Training Solutions, a website that could inform and showcase everything she can do for all the pooches out there.

She wanted it to be fun and personable as well as informative and interactive, while showcasing that she is gentle and kind to animals and uses kind and gentle methods for training. Sam had seen what other dog sitting, training and behaviour schools had to offer and wanted to make sure that this one has more personality and personal touches throughout.

I started with creating a typographic logo with illustrations of a few of her clients. The reason why hand illustration was chosen was specifically for that personal, gentle and playful touch that a hand drawing can immediately communicate.

I also assisted in a mini-photoshoot for a few images featuring Sam while on a routine walk with her regular clients, and the images are now featured across the website.

The website has now been completed and is now live and managed by the business owner, where they are able to make edits as they please, if they want to edit copy or replace an image with the design that I have created.

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