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Marine Asset Management

Brand Identity, Web Design

The challenge was to create an identity that wasn't as dry and 'fuddy-duddy' as their competitors.

MAMG wants their presence was remembered and with a "wow" factor that came across as knowledgable and keeping up to date with modern times. The main concern was that other websites seemed "stuck in the past" and the client wanted to show that MAMG are here in the present and well into the future.


I developed an "M" design reminiscent of machinery and tools used in the business. The logo is complimented by free flowing colours that melt into one another in a gradient symbolising different facets of the business that merge into one, from ocean blues to confident orange and striking purples, creating a graphic and striking brand-mark.

With less dreary blues and greys, it ignites a sense of ingenuity and focus on the future - this is not your average engineer, they are forward thinkers with their fingers on the pulse of the future.

The colours are also used throughout the branding to bring to life exisiting images and develop brand presence further.

A condensed uppercase accent typeface demands attention with a hi-tech feel, simple and easy to read.

MAMG are now an on-going client, you can view their live site here.

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