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Dinki Co

Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Copywriting, Packaging, Content & More.

Introducing Dinki Co, a new Australian Brand that celebrates Australia, committed to creating positive social change, with ethical business practice and eco-conscious choices.

I am the creative director, designer, copywriter and all round creative for this brand, with the founders coming to me with only an idea, big dreams and passion, I was able to draw from that energy and create Dinki Co.


My approach was to go "Full Bush", capturing the cheeky nature of the founders as well as their passion for the environment,  health and well-being.

Dinki's target market have their fingers on the pulse of what's happening in the world, they don't have their head in the sand when it comes to environmental impacts, and buying eco-friendly is important to them. Being young (25-40) they follow trends, being media savvy and aware. An outdoor lover, they enjoy travelling and seeing the world, and because of this, love Australia even more and speak with pride, they are natural larrikins with a fair dinkum attitude.


The brand needed to be personable, attainable and inspiring, with a cool edge. Handwritten and stencil font choices to appeal to our target market, and with Dinki being Aussie made and owned, the colour palette chosen need to reflect that, using the inspiring colours of the aboriginal flag mixed with classic green and gold, a solid base to capture the energy of the Dinki co spirit.

The supporting assets include cheeky characters to bring the brand to life, with copy to match making the product more engaging at shelf. I also included stamp icons to effectively communicate the product benefits.

Film and photography came together with a tough edge, I waned it to feel raw whilst on trend with funky beats to a melodic hip-hop tune, blacks are mattified to suit.

I look forward to working continuously on Dinki Co in the future. From the conception of Dinki, I knew it was special, it feels less like a brand and more like a community.

There’s nothing better than working with a brand that holds so much value, and truth - a brand that is actually putting their money where their mouth is and is taking real steps to make a difference, it’s more than just the bottom line, it’s about being good too.

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