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Communal Asset Clean

Brand Identity, Web Design & Copy Writing

I was approached by start up Communal Asset Clean to create their brand from the ground up. 


Their service is unique, supplying eco-sanitation solutions for homes and businesses, with fogging, hand sanitation stations, surface sprays and more, with around the clock protection from bacteria for up to 30 days. The product is affordable and attainable for all, Australian made and owned, with a commitment to providing the best most professional service.

Colour was a major tool used in their branding. Using eco-friendly green, and a clean, sanitary blue in a beautiful gradient throughout. I also created graphic elements to highlight images, outlined shapes and gradient squares, so that it is easy to transfer across any imagery.


I wanted to make sure that the customer felt that CAC has nothing to hide with legible, simple rounded fonts, easy on the eye and soft, whilst remaining professional and clean.

I was asked to write their website copy, set up their social media profiles and provide their first few posts to get the ball rolling online.

Communal Asset Clean are now an on-going client, asking for direction on anything from POS artwork and creating business cards for additional employees, to EDMs and flyers.

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