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Brand Identity

Archerfish is an economic advisory firm who approached me to create their branding. They wanted something simple, professional and memorable.

In a nod to the real life Archerfish, an animal with incredible accurate aim, an arrow lays within the "A" shape of the logo, pointing in an upwards trajectory. This hidden arrow also manifests feelings of growth and relates directly to their business as economists.

A vivid orange and striking black are used as the primary colour palette. Black evokes feelings of professionalism and elegance, and is  a colour that can be combined with others to add a stronger emotion without losing the classical appeal. I paired this with a bold, vibrant orange - eliciting feelings of vitality, optimism and prosperity. This combination is the ideal combination for Archerfish, giving clients a subconscious nudge in the right direction for this firm.


I doubled down on the black, by using a UV spot finish on business cards. I wanted to add an air of prestige and memorable flair, something impressive to remember the business by.

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